Top row, top to bottom: Dr. Rick Jones, Eric Walker, Dr. Inga Meier, Jen Malmberg, Angela Bacarisse

Middle row, top to bottom: Kenneth Verdugo, Scott Shattuck, Rosie Brownlow-Calkin, Barbara Blackwell, Jackie Rosenfeld

Bottom row, top to bottom: Liz Barkowsky, David Raine, Cleo House, Jr., CC Conn,

Selfie taker: Dr. Slade Billew

Faculty/Staff Contact Information

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Name & Location:   Phone & Email:
Angela Bacarisse  936.468.1126
Slade Billew  936.468.1112
Barbara Blackwell  936.468.1044
Kristen Blossom  936.468.1119
Carolyn Conn  936.468.1031
Tyler Cureton  936.468.1333
 Scene Shop
Shari Ellsworth  936.468.4003
Sheri Grant-Fenton  936.468.4003
Jack Heifner  936.468.1343
Cleo House, Jr.  936.468.4003
Rick Jones  936.468.1290
Jennifer Malmberg  936.468.1057
Brad Maule  936.468.1479
 East Starr
Inga Meier  936.468.4490
David Raine  936.468.1077
Jackie Rosenfeld  936.468.1127
Scott Shattuck  936.468.1336
Kenneth Verdugo  936.468.1012