International Programs: European Theatre Arts

traveling students pose for a shot This contingent of SFA students studied performance in Europe for the entire 2009-10 academic year.

Students admitted to the BFA program at Stephen F. Austin State University may apply to spend their junior or senior year abroad at major professional training institutions in partial fulfillment of their degree requirements.

Rose Bruford College is the leading professional theatre school in the university sector in England. L’Institut Del Teatre is one of Europe’s leading theatre conservatories and has an international reputation operating in and from the heart of Barcelona, Spain. RESAD is Spain’s royal dramatic academy. The nation’s most prestigious center for the training of actors is an option for European Theatre Arts students prepared to receive five months of instruction in Spanish. It is located in the capital city of Madrid. The Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, like L’Institut del Teatre, delivers instruction in English. It too is its country’s foremost theatre conservatory, and there SFA students can study the Stanislavsky system with leading teaching artists trained at the Moscow Art Theatre.

During this year of study, students will have the opportunity to study performance and staging practices of a variety of European countries through practical workshops, production projects, lectures, and seminars. Students enrolled in the program spend most or all of their fall semester at Rose Bruford in London, and most or all of their spring semester in Spain or Estonia.

photo of Susan Ly Students who decide to take this path will broaden their horizons, be exposed to new sights, tastes, smells, touches, sounds, acquire valuable knowledge of varying practitioners and their practices, have new experiences, meet new people, open up their minds, change their perspectives on certain topics, become physically fit and ready to take on the day, and realize whether or not they really want to pursue theatre as a career. This final course prepares the student mentally and physically, combining the knowledge gained from studying at SFA (working on shows, auditioning, doing technical work, analyzing plays, characterizations, resumes, etc.) along with all of this as well. My time spent here has been so rewarding in several ways and I will never forget all of the memories I have made nor the techniques/experience that I have acquired here. It really pushed me to do more, to think outside of the box, to explore, to test, to discover and for that, I am truly grateful. I would do this whole year again in a heartbeat.

—Susan Ly, ETA 2009-10 including RESAD (Madrid) Spring 2010