Join Us!: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition to major in theatre?

We do ask all prospective theatre majors to give us a chance to get to know their work through an audition, a portfolio presentation or an interview. SAT or ACT scores, a resumé, two letters of recommendation and a snapshot are also helpful to us. If you audition on or before the date of the April Theatre Day, we will also consider you for a scholarship!

What do I need to do for my audition?

Actors memorize and perform two contrasting monologues that total no more than three minutes in length (e.g. two monologues of one-and-a-half minutes each). If you prefer, you may substitute a song for one of the monologues, but you will need to perform it a cappella and keep your audition to a maximum of three minutes total.

What if I’m interested in studying something other than acting?

Instead of a performance audition, please show us a portfolio of your work. This could include photographs or drawings of scenery or costumes that you designed or worked on, a lighting plot, copies of publicity materials you designed, a sample of your playwriting or a research paper or critique that you wrote, or a prompt book for a play you stage managed. We want to see whatever will best show us your talents and accomplishments, and your potential in the areas of theatre that interest you.

What time are Theatre Day auditions, and where are they held?

Each Theatre Day begins at 12:00 pm (noon) in the lobby of the Griffith Fine Arts Building, 2222 Alumni Drive in Nacogdoches. We send out directions and more specific schedule information by e-mail (because the specific afternoon activities vary slightly for each Theatre Day event). Please be sure to complete the School of Theatre application in order to register for Theatre Day.

What does it cost to attend Theatre Day?

Theatre Day is free for prospective students and one or two family members. This includes up to three complimentary tickets to performances. Of course each family is responsible for its own travel expenses including accommodations, if any. No housing is available on campus for this purpose, but we will be happy to suggest affordable nearby lodging.

If I fill out the School of Theatre application, do I still need to fill out an application for admission to the university?

Yes. Becoming a theatre major at SFA is a two-pronged process. You must gain admission to the university by completing an application for admission and supplying all required documentation. You should also fill out the School of Theatre application and audition, present a portfolio, or interview with a theatre faculty member.

If I audition for a scholarship, do I need to apply for other scholarships?

Students seeking scholarship assistance should pursue as many avenues of support as possible. Information about many scholarships offered by SFA is available here. Discuss scholarship opportunities with your high school guidance counselor or community college financial aid counselor as well as your SFA admissions counselor and financial aid counselor. Remember that your high school, church, local civic organizations, etc. may be able to guide you to other scholarships. School of Theatre scholarships typically cover 10 to 50 percent of average in-state tuition.

Does SFA have a musical theatre program?

We produce at least one musical each year and we have a musical comedy troupe, The Fredonia Players, that produces at least two additional musical revues or original shows annually. Students interested in musical theatre often audition for the music minor in voice for theatre majors (which includes a focus on musical theatre repertoire) or minor in dance (no additional audition required). Others have completed the BFA (acting and directing concentration), supplemented with a few extra courses in music and dance, capped with an internship at a professional theatre company such as Chicago’s Porchlight Music Theatre. However, SFA does not offer a degree specifically in musical theatre.

Exactly what theatre degree programs does SFA offer?

All of our academic programs are described here.

Are freshmen allowed to audition for productions at SFA?

All SFA students, regardless of major or classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) are welcome to audition for any School of Theatre production. New theatre majors, including freshmen, transfer students and international exchange students, are encouraged to audition for every production. To remain eligible to audition or work behind the scenes on productions, you must make good progress every semester toward completion of your degree.

Are theatre majors required to audition for productions?

No one is required to audition for any School of Theatre production. All theatre degree programs include some production requirements, but work behind the can fulfill these. All theatre majors are required to take at least one acting class, which may include an audition for scenes or other class projects.

How do I audition for productions?

Information about auditions is provided at academic orientation sessions and is posted on the School of Theatre call-boards, located near the theatre faculty offices on the second floor of the Griffith Fine Arts Building. Audition information may also be posted on our page at Perusal copies of scripts are available for checkout in the Theatre Office. Audition requirements vary from production to production, so it is important to consult the call-boards frequently. Please note that all productions are cast in the first few days of each semester, and theatre majors (including new students) must first audition for both Mainstage Series productions on the very first day of class each semester in order to be eligible to audition for any other School of Theatre productions ( Fredonia Players, student-directed productions, etc.).

Where can I get more information?

Please continue to browse our web site here at and visit our page at Then please e-mail our director, Professor Cleo House, Jr., at with any questions that aren’t answered on line.