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As Shakespeare said, “The readiness is all.” To help you prepare for your chosen goals in life, the SFA School of Theatre offers you not only production opportunities but also a broad range of liberal arts and pre-professional theatre studies.


All theatre majors must complete a basic Theatre Core of 35-38 semester credit hours.

B.A.—Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (with a minor)

This degree is appropriate for those students who seek a broad liberal arts program with an emphasis on theatre, but also additional opportunities such as a minor in another field.

Curriculum consists of 49 semester hours of Theatre courses:

  • General Theatre Core (35 hours)
  • Theatre Production (5 hours)
  • Theatre Electives (9 hours)

It also requires a minor or second major in another discipline:

Popular Minor Subjects for Theatre Majors

NEW! Music Minor in Voice for Theatre Majors

Created exclusively for theatre majors and available only by audition with voice faculty in the School of Music, this minor features two semesters of music theory and aural skills (6 semester credit hours), two semesters of class voice (2 hours), two semesters of private voice lessons (2 hours), four semesters of choir participation (4 hours), 2 semesters of recital attendance (0 credit hours), one semester of Musical Theatre Repertoire and 8 additional hours of music electives. Overall, at least 9 hours of these requirements must be advanced (300-499) level. Contact the director of the School of Music or voice faculty members Dr. Deborah Dalton or Prof. Bruce Fowler for more details.


See information for Dance.


This minor includes one semester of drawing, one semester of art history, one semester of design and nine hours of art electives (at least six of which must be advanced (300-499) level. Many theatre majors choose art electives in the area of film/video production (cinematography) to prepare for work in the screen industries.


This minor includes two semesters of introductory courses, two semesters of audio and video production, and two semesters of advanced-level radio-television courses.

Film Studies

This interdisciplinary minor includes two semesters of film-oriented English courses, two semesters of film/video production courses in the School of Art, two semesters of History of Cinema, and one upper-level elective course. Note that no theatre (THR) courses used to fulfill requirements for this minor may also be used for the theatre major.


See information for Psychology.


See information for History.

A plethora of other minors and second majors is available. Recent graduates have minored or had a second major in anthropology, criminal justice, English, hospitality administration, philosophy, physics, and political science, among other disciplines. Please consult the General Bulletin to see if the subject that interests you is among them.

B.A.—Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with All-Level (EC-12) Teacher Certification

The Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre with all-level (EC-12) certification qualifies graduates to teach in Texas public schools from early childhood through high school classrooms.

Curriculum requires 51 semester hours in theatre.

  • General Theatre Core (35 hours)
  • General Education Core (6 hours)
  • Theatre Production (5 hours)
  • Theatre Electives (5 hours)

At least 27 hours in professional educational courses area also required for certification.

B.F.A.—Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre

This degree is a pre-professional program designed to prepare the student for a career in the theatre profession or for advanced study. Students admitted to the B.F.A. program can concentrate their efforts in technical theatre and design, stage management, or acting and directing.

Curriculum consists of a minimum of 81-82 semester hours of major courses, and requires no minor. Each BFA candidate emphasizes one of three areas: 1) Acting and Directing, 2) Technical Theatre and Design, or 3) Stage Management. BFA candidates are admitted by audition, normally in the spring of their sophomore year.

  • General Theatre Core (31-38 hours)
  • Theatre Production and Supportive Courses (7-9 hours)
  • Theatre Electives in or related to chosen emphasis (16-22 hours)
  • Practicum (19 hours), chosen from:
    • Rose Bruford College Study Abroad Program
    • Professional Internship
    • Cognitive Electives
Minor in Theatre

A Theatre Minor consists of 18 to 24 semester credit hours chosen in consultation with a School advisor. THR 162 (Play Analysis and Dramatic Literature) is required. At least nine hours must be in advanced (300-400-level) courses (six of them from SFA). Also, at least six hours must be in production-related courses (see a School advisor for a specific list of these courses).


List of Offered School of Theatre Courses
Course #: Course Title: Hours: When Offered:
127 Stage Movement I 2 Fall
150 Production Laboratory I 1 Fall/Spring/Summer
161 Theatre Appreciation 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
162 Play Analysis and Dramatic Lit 3 Fall/Spring
221 Beginning Acting 1 Fall/Spring/Summer
223 Theatre Speech 3 Fall/Spring
227 Stage Movement II 2 Spring
231 Costume Technology 3 Fall/Spring
232 Stage Make-up 2 Fall/Spring
241 Introduction to Stagecraft 3 Fall/Spring
242 Lighting Technology 3 Fall/Spring
243* Sound Technology 2 Spring
301 Stage Management 3 Spring
321 Intermediate Acting 3 Spring
322 Advanced Theatre Speech 3 Spring
350 Production Lab II 1 Fall/Spring/Summer
360 Principles of Design 1 Fall/Spring
370 History of the Cinema 3 Fall/Spring/Summer
371 History of the Cinema II 3 Spring
411 Theatre for Children 3 Spring
420 Audition Techniques Portfolio 1 Fall
421 Introduction to Directing 3 Fall
422 Acting for the Camera 3 Spring
424* Dialects 2 Fall
425 Repertory Theatre 3 Summer
427 Advanced Acting 3 Fall
428 Advanced Directing 3 Spring
429 Directing Theatre for Youth 3 Summer
450 Theatre Projects 1-3 Fall/Spring/Summer
451 Theatre Cooperative: Rose Bruford 8-24 Fall/Spring/Summer
452 Practicum (Internship) 6-19 Fall/Spring/Summer
460 Theatre History I 3 Fall
461 Theatre History II 3 Spring
462 Advanced Play Analysis 3 Spring
463 Playwriting 3 Spring
464 Screenwriting 3 Spring
471 Topics in Theatre & Drama 3 Spring
480** Design for the Theatre 3 Fall/Spring
491 Interdependent Studies 3 Fall/Spring/Summer

* Offered in alternate years (once every two years).

** Scenery, Costume, Lighting Design (fall); electives from Advanced Makeup, Patterning, Historical Costume, Scene Painting, Drafting, Props, Sound, Advanced Lighting Technology. At least two of the 480 electives will be offered each spring dependent on student interest. Any of these topics will be cancelled if fewer than three students enroll. Students with specific interest in any of the above elective courses should make those interests known to the design faculty.