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National Association of Schools of Theatre

Stephen F. Austin State University is one of 150 schools in the country to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). What does this mean for our students and their parents?

Accreditation is a process by which the School of Theatre and Dance is evaluated by an independent and trained group of peers that verify we are substantially achieving our educational objectives and meeting the established standards of the national organization.

During this process, we write a self-study in which we evaluate our work, host an on-site review by a team of evaluators and undergo the judgment of the national accrediting organization.

NAST's review focuses on the department's and university's educational quality, integrity and educational improvements.

The review of educational quality is made according to nationally recognized standards developed by the Association with the full participation of its member institutions and in consultation with various professional groups in the field of theatre.

The review of integrity is made by determining whether the university and department are indeed providing the educational services they say they are offering to the public and whether the university and department are following their own stated operational procedures.

Thus, accreditation by NAST means that students and their parents can be confident that the School of Theatre and Dance and Stephen F. Austin State University have defined the educational goals of the theatre program, have the faculty expertise, the facilities and the other resources needed to achieve these goals and are committed to seeking ways of improving our record of achievement.


SFA School of Theatre and Dance (SOT) is a comprehensive program dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, and creating theatre and dance continuously and intensively. Our chief purpose is to prepare diverse professionals to practice, teach theatre and dance, and thrive in a wide range of related careers and post-graduate studies. We are committed to contributing to wider communities from the university to the international level.


Disciplined Creativity

The student’s imagination and artistic vision are nurtured and balanced with critical thinking and high standards of professionalism.

Individual Development

Each student has a great variety of opportunities for exploration and growth. Facilitated by the individual attention of faculty and staff, each student learns through observation, study, evaluation and experience.

Collaborative Teamwork

In academic and production work, students, faculty and staff unite our abilities as a theatre company, functioning as a harmonious ensemble on stage, behind the scenes, in classrooms and in other learning environments.

Theatre is Interdisciplinary

We embrace theatre’s interrelationship with other art forms, technological media and the liberal arts, as our students move among and combine disciplines and modes of expression.


The School of Theatre and Dance is committed to being a thriving center of the arts that:

  • is an acknowledged leader in cultural enrichment for the university,

  • attracts many talented, motivated theatre and dance students who are ready for rigorous and busy academic/training and production programs,

  • sees its theatre and dance majors through to graduation, sending them out as confident new professionals, and

  • consistently places students in leading graduate programs.

  • Our goal is to take pride in outstanding alumni with rewarding careers primarily in the arts, entertainment, media and education.